Who are we?


Like any project which is built on self respect, Nalep is based on high competence and prfoessionalism, and not less important – a lot of soul and passion. There is no project in the world which can be considered fully successful,  if there lack these important factors.

We are a young and united team. We have a special approach in what we do and we’re daily improving our service quality. We have combined three most dynamic sectors: medicine, biochemistry and nutrition.

Each of us has invested a collosal effort to improve and personalize a “product” which is meant to meliorate people’s lifestyle and to become happier with the achievement of balance between body and nutrition.

Nalep is a team of nutritionists, biochemists and cooks. We were the first to test on ourselves the principles that we offer to you.  And we are completely sure about the results you can achieve, we are familiar with the traps of the slimming process,  therefore we know how to help you!

We have never considered Nalep a diet, but a continuous growth of the relationship between people and nutrition, a growth which will make you feel better and satisfied about your body.

For this reason, we forcely claim that Nalep will help you  to refind your inner beauty, which cannot be counted in calories, grams, and neither will make you give up eating what you like! You’ll be in full harmony with you body and state!