Is it normal to eliminate completely the salt from nutrition?

Yes. Salt, if consumed excessivelly leads to hypertension and water retention.  The amount of salt our body needs can be found in the food we eat, and even in the water we drink.

The excess of salt suffer a so-called process of crystallization which serves as an obstacle for the fat dissolution into nutrients.  Following a hyposodic diet plan, in the first phase, our body takes the amount of  salt  it needs , and so the cells are being released. This process makes us lose weight.

What happens if I stop following Nalep diet plan?

İt depends on the new way of nutrition you will choose.  İf we  return to the previous lifestyle, it is most probably that the weight we have lost will return. But if we choose carefully what to eat, our body weight will keep stable, or can even decrease.

The aim of Nalep is to form and promote a nutritional habit which can be applied for the rest of the life, without starvation, or omission of any favorite ingredient. For all the period you follow Nalep diet plan you will learn how to correctly combine the aliments and be informed about how to behave in situations such fast  increase or decrease of your body weight.

İs it allowed to have snacks between the main meals?

İn the first phase it is strongly reccomended to follow the indications of the programe. İf you eat any forbidden or unprescribed products, both the system and nutritionists receive wrong data about the slimming process.

The snacks taken between the meals reactivate the dygestion , and consequently leads to extra sugar provisions for our body.  Nalep diet plan doesn’t set any size of portions, this is why nobody will feel the need to have snacks.

Can I do sports during the programe?

Yes, if the only requirement- not to be exhausting. In this case, the best way is to consult one of our nutritionists.

What’s the normal portion for each meal?

The recipes are made in a very balanced way, and if you think the indicated quantity will not be sufficient , you just need to proportionaly  increase the amount of ingredients.

What’s the last hour I can have dinner?

The suggested hours are:

Breakfast from 7:00am to  10:00am

Lunch from 12:00 to 3pm

Dinner between 7pm and 10pm ( or at least 2 hours before bed)

You can possibly have dinner and later, as long as it doesn’t become a habit. We need to provide our body with enough time to assimilate the food we give to it.

Can I use other types of sweeteners for the drinks? (stevia, honey, etc)

All these products contain sugar, this is why it’s better to avoid them.  Fructose , in small quantities, can be used, but with Nalep you will descover that it’s much better to live without sugar.

What can I eat if I am abroad or at a party?

İf you want to follow strictly the programe, then it’s better to eat the most suitable recipe, for example if you have pasta in the menu, so you can undoubtly eat carbohydrates.

And be very careful with the amount of sugar and salt!

There is a high probability that after such events your weight can remain stable, or increase a little, but do not worry! Keep on following Nalep plan and your weight will soon get back to normal.

What can I do if I can’t find any product from the recipe?

Try to change the ingredients with the option “Modify the menu”, or you can get in touch with your nutritionist who, certainly will reccomend to you the best alternatives!